STEP (1)
"Select A Domain Name"

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STEP (2)

"Become an Affiliate"

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Why to Become an Affiliate?
(PLS Compensation Plan) 

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STEP (3)

"Edit Your PLS Profile"

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STEP (4)
"Activate Your CTP Affiliate Link"

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1) Login to your Clicks To Profit account

2) Get Only The Username From The Link

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4) Go to "Campanies You Promote" Find the code:

Clicks To Profit

5) Add your Username Only in the field and save it.

STEP (5)

"Link your Facebook account"

1) Log in to your Facebook account

2) Go to the Settings and create a facebook username and copy your link

3) Login to your PLS account

4) Go to "Campanies You Promote" Find the code: Facebook
and add your Facebook link

NOTE: In this specific funnel there is no bonuses. So, ignore the bonus delivery part.

STEP (6)
"Make More Money Set Up"

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STEP (7)

"Activate Funnel Sharing Code"

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